Optel Surgical

Optel surgical has been founded in the 1999 and is one of the fast moving group which is diverse in manufacturing. The group strength lies in multi medical products manufacturing, which is well established in Taiwan. Optel surgical has the contacts and experience leverage over last few years, which brings value, market position and excellent service offering status in medical Industry. We are one of the early starters in this industry and we develop products to our limited suppliers as per their specific demand and act as an OEM manufacturer. As the technology pushes limits to new horizons for medical surgical procedures, Optel surgical has become one of the most reliable manufacturer of OEMs.

We have state of the art facility in Taiwan, which has a complete and exhaustive system under one roof. This company specializes in manufacturing and has over 50 employees. All the employees are well trained and have the requisite knowledge in manufacturing. Optel surgical was created with the goal of providing cost-effective and innovative solutions of medical needs. The mission of Optel surgical continues to be to provide solutions that match the best in the world at very affordable prices.

Prior to this, we were only manufacturing various medical products but were not in direct market. Recently we have collaborated with Mex Enterprises, India who is established and reputed manufacturers/developers of medical equipments and decided to develop the products according to demand suggested by Mex Enterprises, India. Brand name will be ours but global marketing rights will be assigned to Mex Enterprises.

Our first project in ophthalmology will be Slit Lamps, which is very high in quality and compatible to other international established brands as well as very cost effective. In coming 5 years we will launch 20 new products in globaly by our brand name.

Our upcoming products will also be launched soon in all medical fields.